The phrase Justin Bieber: I'm single and ready to mingle is now a reality.

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On The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, Ellen asked Justin Bieber who he was dating now. Justin amusingly, but unsuccessfully, tried to avert the question.

Nevertheless, he later mentioned that "I'm single, ladies and willing to mingle". The audience naturally screamed.

Furthermore, he went on explaining with curiosity that "I'm in a place now". He mentioned also that: "I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship right now".

DeGeneres also asked about his new single "How do you mean?". Justin abruptly tried to avert the question again.

DeGeneres wanted to know if the track is about a specific lady whose name rhythms with "Melena". Justin Bieber came up with something completely different from the question asked.

With the question, he mentioned that a friend took his infamous butt-naked photo. Bieber went on by saying he tried to remove the nonsense from Instagram after a fan's child saw it and felt uncomfortable.

With this simple explanation, you can easily draw a line of conclusion about Justin Bieber: "I'm single and ready to mingle". The truth is that the phrase concludes that Justin is no longer in a relationship.

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