The benefits of Yoga are countless. Internet has made easier to start practicing Yoga.

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We ranked Yoga sites, and we made a list of the best sites to learn Yoga online for free. This websites offer plenty of courses, poses videos and more.

Although there are many sites who offer paid courses, there are also free sites and that is what this article is about.

1. MindBodyGreen

This is a website that was originally intended to be a eco news website for user submissions but has developed in to a professional and well written wellness website. Of course, being a website that is targeting a broad niche of wellness, they have separate categories of practices like Pilates, yoga, etc.

They also have a section where they publish news and interviews with yoga trainers and celebrities.

Visit the website: MindBodyGreen

2. YogaDork

YogaDork is a three year old yoga blog that hast the most up to date news you can find on a yoga blog. They employ many article writers who are regular yoga practitioners, some of them are even yoga instructors.

The audience that frequents the YogaDork forum often provide very interesting and open minded discussions that you will not see anywhere else on the internet.

Visit the website: YogaDork

3. YogaJournal

We picked YogaJournal as our number one Yoga website on the internet for many reasons. YogaJournal has the largest collection of quality yoga articles of any other yoga website. Their pose instructions are very detailed and they also show a number of different home practices.

This website is also very generous with their giveaways. They are known for rewarding their fans with a variety of products that are usually related to yoga practices. Another great thing about the site is that the site owner is known for engagning with the site members and helping them, something you don't see on other websites.

Visit the website: YogaJournal

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