Millions of people all over the world are going into yoga because it provides fast and effective means to healthy exercising.

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Yoga guarantees the elimination of stress and improve health in general.

New to yoga? As a beginner, you will have to learn basic poses and moves and then start your own sequences.

We made a list of simple and easy yoga postures.

1. Downward Facing Dog

This pose helps to circulate oxygenated blood all over your body, leaving you refreshed.


Place your palms and legs on the floor raising your waist towards the ceiling. Walk your hands forwards and your feet backwards as much as you can go until your body is in an inverted V shape.

Spread your arms away from your ears and hold this position for 5 breaths.

2. Tree-Pose

Is a yoga pose that will help you improve your balance and mental focus.


Stand upright with your arms aside. Now put your right feet into your left thigh, and gain balance. Stretch your separated arms in front of you and then backwards on top of your shoulder as you inhale and exhale.

3. Warrior

A common pose in small yoga class for beginners, is excellent for building internal confidence.


Start by separating your feet after which you should turn in one leg in 90 degrees and the other leg slightly slanted.

After stretching your arms, bend your knee a little forward so that it is exactly above your ankle, as you exhale.

4. Side Plank

This yoga position builds strength in your arms and tests how much you can control your body.


Bring your body on your right side and lift your entire body up using only your right arm.

Raise your left arm to the ceiling and keep your gaze at it, while your left leg is on top of your right leg as you maintain a straight-line posture. Take five breaths.

5. Cobra

An excellent exercise for those suffering back pain, respiratory disorder and obesity.


Lie down on your chest, your legs hip-width apart before raising your body a little. Your arms below your ribs pushing your body upwards.

As you push, you shoulder should be lifting, your toes going into the floor, and your head stretched forwards.

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