Learn more about Udemy Business, the learning platform designed for businesses and organizations.

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Udemy for Business offers a subscription service for organizations to access a selection of courses on professional development, business skills, and technology.

In addition to individual courses, Udemy for Business also offers features to track learning and progress. You will be able to create and assign learning plans, track progress and generate reports.

Udemy Business Pricing

Udemy Business offers an annual subscription that allows businesses to access a catalog of over 19,000 online courses.

Depending on the number of members of your team you can choose a plan:

From 5-20 users: Team Plan for USD$360 per user/year From 21 to more users: You can request a free demo, to obtain the price you must contact an advisor.

How to get Udemy Business?

  1. Go to https://business.udemy.com/plans/
  2. Click on the "Request Demo" or "Start Now" button, depending on the plan you choose
  3. Complete the form with the contact details and information of your company.
  4. Submit the form, if you choose the Team plan, you must enter the payment information.
  5. A Udemy representative will contact you with more information about the subscription and help you set up your account.

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