Being young, talented and very popular is very exciting but this state doesn’t come easy; it has its complications and lots of challenges.

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We all know our young stars Justin Bieber and his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez, don’t we?

Their surprise duet has put internet on fire obviously and beyond most people’s expectations since the two of them have been in an on and off in their kind of relationship.

Strong is a song that has a very unique sound and it seems like an anthem specially dedicated to their love story.

The twosome, which came factually out of nowhere and by surprise on Saturday hours of darkness, has fans scrupulously picking away from each other the lyrics, in suspense to make sense of clues as to what really went in the wrong between the two lovebirds Selena and Justin in authentic life.


Their anecdote has had its ups and downs just like any other relationship through the years.

This big stuff tries to explain what really went wrong, it has issues of communication and of course the two at some point try to take the blame for their failed relationship by claiming or rather wishing they were good enough in the damn thing which is obviously the love they shared.

The big question is, did the two decide to accidentally leak the song at this particular time between their individual album releases. Selena’s is out while Justin’s is due later this year.

Is that really coincidental? This song took months to be prepared and its release was timely calculated for a reason.


This project is obviously aimed at bringing the two lovebirds closer despite their differences in their love life. Also this is a way for the two to market themselves and their music at individual level.



This could be the main reason why the duet song STRONG has been released at such a perfect season.

It’s such a huge deal for the two ex-lovers. Even if you strongly believe in coincidences; do you term this as a coincidence? We also saw Justin’s leaked naked photos, what do you think about that?

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