Even though resume is still delivered door to door, sending it by email is the best option to send your resume to a company.

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There are certain considerations that you must take when at the moment of sending your resume such as the format, your email address and the content of the email.

We are not exempt from making mistakes that's why we have for you these useful tips when sending your resume.


Check your email

Select carefully the email from which you will send your resume. If you have a corporate mail from a professional school, use it.

C-enviar Make sure your email address is formal preferably something like: [email protected].

Resume en PDF format

You should attach your resume in PDF format, this will prevent changes and it is also a lighter format.


Another advantage is that it's a standard format, which allows viewing them in both Windows and Mac.

Check company's email address

As obvious as it may seem, it's essential that you know the correct email address to which you will send your resume.


No mass emails

Sending simultaneously your resume to several companies could show that you are desperate for a job and it is not the idea.


Add a signature

This is a formula that will allow the employer to have all the data to contact you.


That is why you must specify your full name, e-mail and your telephone number in the signature of the email.

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