If you are going to start in the labor field surely you have doubts because of little work experience. However, this is not a problem.

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For a employer a young person can be perfect because he or she can adapt more easily to the values and culture of the company.

It all depends on how you express the information about you in your resume.

That's why today we want to show you how to do a resume with no work experience.


Know company's needs

Investigate about the position to which you have to apply to make the information of your resume is oriented to it and thus capture the attention of the employer.


One page

An extensive resume will scare your chances of being selected that's why you have to be clear and concise in one page.


This will make your resume easier to read.

Highlight your academic career

Inexperience should be overshadowed by your academic career. This will be the principal column of your resume.


Highlight your skills and qualities according to the company's needs to stand out among the other candidates.

Organize the information

Separate the information into distinguishable blocks to achieve better visual clarity. This will also let the employer see that you are an organized person.


Place the courses or practices you have done chronologically. Do not forget to specify where you carry them out.

Good redaction

Avoid spelling and semantic errors and also falling into very technical words.


Write using simple words without falling into colloquialisms either.

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