Install the best app store for Android: Play Store.

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Access games, books, music, movies, and other applications without compromising the security of your device.

If the application is not installed on your mobile, here we show you how to download safely:


Play Store for unsupported devices

If your mobile is not among the list of devices compatible with the Play Store, you can safely access the APK from a store such as Uptodown.

  1. Go to Uptodown
  2. Search Play Store
  3. Select the latest version and press the download button.
  4. Run the installer and you're done.

Check our list of recommended alternative stores for Android, which have apps and games for your device in a safe and legal way.

Play Store for compatible devices:

The app may have been disabled and you need to re-enable it.

  1. Enter the> Settings section of your device and look for the> Apps section
  2. Find "Play Store" in the list and enter.
  3. Select the enable button and wait for the installation.
  4. Restart the device and then search for the app.
  5. Sign up with your google account.

To access from a compatible computer, go to

Google Play Store features:

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