Take a break from Pinterest or delete permanently.

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When closing a Pinterest account all your saved boards will also be deleted with no option to recover them.

Follow these steps to permanently delete your account or just deactivate it for a period:

Delete Pinterest account

  1. Open your Pinterest profile and locate the upper right corner, the little arrow (web) or the 3 dots (mobile)
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Open the "Account Management" menu.
  4. Select the last option "Delete account".
  5. Accept the confirmation message.

Your profile will be deactivated and will no longer be public. The request to delete your account takes 14 days to complete, so you should not enter your account within this period.

In case you want to cancel the request, just log in so that they send you a reactivation link to your email.

To deactivate your account you just have to follow the same steps, but in step 4 choose "Deactivate Account" and confirm.

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