The joy of winning the lottery can quickly overtake your rational judgment.

So before you do anything rash, here is a list of some crazy things not to do after you win the lottery that will prevent you from making the same mistakes yourself:

1. Tell everyone about it

Before you know it, people will hang around you only for the money. Your friends will start begging you to fund their crazy business ideas and probably never pay you back your money if these don't stand the test of time. Furthermore, if word of your riches gets around, you'll be a likely target for burglars and other criminals.

2. Splurge like no tomorrow

Winning some sky-high earnings can quickly make you fall prey to the illusion of thinking that your savings can never run out. There have been numerous real-life stories of lottery winners just throwing their money around like it's nothing, only to waste it all away and drown themselves in a pile of debt.

3. Gamble

Gambling is especially tricky to avoid when luck goes your way, and a desire to win even more can kick in. However, that's a trap! Sure enough, there is virtually no limit to how much you can earn by gambling, but the amount of money you can lose also doesn't really have a cap. There is a huge difference between winning millions and earning an infinite cash source.

4. Party like a maniac

Some partying is entirely okay, because you've earned it. But don't think that you're no longer a mortal man! You're still likely going to crash the car and get yourself killed if you engage in drunk driving, and you can still catch something nasty if you get intimate with people you don't know too well.

5. Do something illegal

You may have the necessary funds to hire the best attorney in the world to represent you, but unfortunately that doesn't make you a god. If you do something illegal and there is evidence of you doing it, you're still going to have to serve your sentence.

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