Are you the lottery winner? Now what next? Well, life is sweet and the world is big.

To have a better outlook, you must travel and get to explore life in a better way. Travelling gives you the best insight about yourself, ability to make decisions on the money you have won and above all a chance to have that rear spontaneity that very few live to enjoy.

Some of the awesome destinations that you should be thinking about right now includes the Bahamas, Himalayas, white heaven beach Australia, The fairy pools on the Isle of Skye, Marble caverns of Carrera lake in Chile , The Shahara bridge In Yamen among others.

So, wait no more, go alone or get the company of your friend or family. Your trip is going to be the ultimate fun.

If you love diverse geographical terrains, the Himalayas,

And Shahara Bridge in Yamen

Are some of the places to go mountain climbing, hiking and trekking.

Apart from having fun in this areas, it is also the best time to check your endurance, decision-making power and mental endurance at adventures.

The heaven beach in Australia

And the fairy pools on the Isle

Will give you another spark of life. Unique, spectacular and calm is how most people describe this two places.

Get to enjoy what expensive life can offer by being served quality foods with great services. You will also find it to be a peaceful place to seek inner peace and explore cultural wonders.

Enjoy life and visit that place you have always been dreaming to go. Do what you love and make memories while you are still alive. After all, this is something that you never expected will happen. Now is the time to have fun.

One winner went straight from the news conference to the airport and took a private jet. He was gone for months. If it were me, I would probably do the same.

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