Kim Kardashian has uploaded pictures revealing a lot of moments of her private life. She also enjoys taking selfies.

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Furthermore, it is known to have multiple facets. This actress, model, presenter and entrepreneur has been very successful in recent years.

Thanks to their companies and television, today is internationally known and recognized not only for his body. Although this time, precisely what we bring is a collection of her best pictures uploaded to Instagram.

And she has posted controversial pictures. She has been accused of manipulating some pictures to look thinner.

Also, she has been criticized for uploading pictures that were not correct for a mother. We can say Kim's Instagram had a lot of attention.

She’s devoted to taking pictures with her friends and family. And we can also see plenty of the backstage photos where her assistants help her get ready for the show.

And also she loves to take her artistic side out while taking pictures of the places she visits.

I know there might be a lot to talk in future Instagram pictures.

By the way, Kanye supports her at everything! Even when everybody though the pictures were photoshopped, Kanye tweeted with the hashtag #NoFilter.

You can enjoy more photos from her by visiting her Instagram @KimKardashian

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