You probably wouldn't guess this facts. Although she is one of the most famous in the planet, she has also some secrets.

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She has been pregnant, she has been married two times, she is planning a luxurious wedding of biblical proportions, her life is well documented.

  1. She attended the same school as Paris Hilton, they have been good friends since then. Paris has a lot to do with Kim becoming famous.


  2. Kim didn't wait for her sweet sixteen, she celebrated her 14th birthday with a huge party at Michael Jackson's home, Neverland Ranch.

  3. She married three times: The first wedding was at the age of 19 with Damon Thomas, the second was with Kris Humphries (after 72 days, they filed the divorce), and the last wedding was with Kanye West.

  4. She has been widely accused of having plastic surgery (which we discussed in another post), but she only admitted botox.

  5. She founded a company named "Kimsaprincess Productions" where she released three workout videos with huge success.


  6. Kim Kardashian sells tweets. She can earn up to $10k per tweet from famous brands. Just once, she was paid $25,000 for writing a tweet for Armani.

  7. She has a wax figure at the Madame Tussauds museum in New York. The team in charge of Kim's wax worked hard to ensure every dimension of Kim was as accurate as possible.

Now you know!

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