Keeping up with the Kardashian just got easy and more exciting with the new apps.

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The TV reality show sisters popular for their sexy selfies and Kim's curves launched their official apps and websites.

Kim Kardishian West, Khloe kardishian, Kourtney Kardishian, and Jenner sisters; Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner addressed the over excited fans in front of New York's Apple store.

The event was dubbed meet the Developers, although there was no tech-savvy geek in attendance.

The sisters' sense of fashion, makeup skills and selfies tend to go viral, and the "keeping APP with the Kardahians" is expected to be a huge money spinner.

Kim Kardishian's app will allow fans to view behind-the scene video clips, tutorials, tips, diaries, and more photos of his family and friends.

Khloe plans to offer dating and fashion advice while Kylie will focus on beauty and her dog. Kendall plans to focus on her shooting adventures using a GoPro camera, Kourtney will feature tips on motherhood.

For as low as $3 per month, Kardashians' die-hard fans can have a chance to stay updated on the juicy stories about the Kardashians. Fans only need one subscription to access keeping APP with the Kardashians.

The app will provide more detailed content than the celebrities shared on Facebook, Twitter, snap chat and Instagram accounts. The apps aim purpose is to change the stars' digital platform from a mere blog to a more fascinating and in-depth platform.

Users can follow the celebrities whereabouts, ask them questions and sign up for upcoming events and giveaways.


According to Kim, they plan to instill a comment control strategy to make "keeping APP with the Kardishians" exciting and intriguing instead of a negative platform. Khloe stated that the main aim to hear from their fans and change the social media platforms.

The websites domain names are,,, and The websites provide free content as well as exclusive subscription.

The name of the apps are the same as every Kardashian. All apps are available for Android and iOS.

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