Everybody knows that Kim Kardashian really gives effort for her Halloween costumes.

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What is more surprising is that she has a lot of prepared costumes for Halloween.

Aside from that, her costumes are no joke. The designs of her costumes are extravagant so they are surely expensive.

Also, Kim always makes sure that she can still do her Halloween traditions even if she is now a mother and wife. Below is the list of the most remarkable Halloween outfits of Kim Kardashian.

1. Skeleton outfit

Kim wore a body suit that is painted with black. The black paint was used for her to create a Skeleton outfit. Also, she painted her face with black paint in order to highlight her outstanding outfit.


2. Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is Kim's best friend. Anna is actually the editor-in-chief of Vogue. Kim basically dressed like her best friend.


After dressing like her best friend, she also wore a costume similar with the costume of Andre Leon Talley.

3. Catwoman

There was also a time when Kim was dressed in a Catwoman suit. The suit, which was skintight, revealed Kim's sexy body.

Also, Kanye got dressed like Batman when Kim dressed like Catwoman. They were truly like a match even from the start.

4. Mermaid

Just like Kylie, Kim also loves playing with wigs. She even made herself have a platinum blonde one when she used her mermaid costume in 2012.

Her fans were really amazed by her platinum blonde during that time.

5. Poison Ivy

Kim finally put on her bright red wig when she used her Poison Ivy costume. She actually captured almost everyone's attention because she looked very pretty with her Poison Ivy outfit.


Indeed, Kim Kardashian is really good in making us amazed every Halloween through her astounding Halloween looks.

That is why a lot of people are very excited every Halloween because they want to see new Halloween costumes of Kim. Kim truly has a talent in dressing during Halloween.

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