Dear fellow KatyCats, in today’s post I want to talk to you about some of the greatest hits from our beloved, Katy Perry.

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Now I know this might seem like a daunting task, how can you choose the greatest hits from all her great songs?

Her inspirational lyrics, unbelievable vocal power and her extreme enthusiasm make a hard job even harder.

It is extremely hard to choose just one great hit, but you can find the top 5 greatest hits list down below.

5. Hot n' Cold

Which was released in 2008, is one of her most known songs. This song is so catchy and amazing, don’t you agree? It has definitely earned its place as one of the greatest hits of 2008. It is impossible not to love this song.

4. Last Friday night (T. G. I. F.)

Our dear Katy treated us with an amazing song but also a funny music video. Who here cannot feel any relation with the amazing lyrics?

3. Roar

Showed us just how versatile and surprising Katy can be. She has revealed the power of her voice and just how creative she is. This awesome song had got me roaring for weeks, if not months.

2. ET

Is often referred to as the absolute brilliance of music. I still cannot stop listening to it. Katy strongly shook the music charts with this hip hop and pop masterpiece.

1. I kissed a girl

Is an older song but it is my absolute favorite, the greatest hit. It is the perfect mix of sexy and naughty. It is one of her first songs and I definitely think it showed us what she can do.

Many people would disagree but I simply cannot stop loving this song.

What are you top five greatest hits from Katy Perry? Leave a comment down below and compare your favorites with others. It is time for us to hear your roar.

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