Access your message history safely.

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To make this process easier, it is advisable to configure a weekly or monthly backup.

For this you must go to WhatsApp open Settings> Chats> Backup> Save using Google Drive.

Recovering WhatsApp messages depends on whether you have made a backup of your chats.

If you have made a backup:

On Android with Google Drive

On iPhone with iCloud

If you don't have a backup:

If you haven't backed up your messages, unfortunately, recovering your chats can be extremely difficult or impossible.

In some cases, you may be able to find third-party apps or services that claim to be able to recover deleted messages, but keep in mind that these can be risky in terms of privacy and security, and are not endorsed or recommended by WhatsApp.

The best practice is to set up automatic backups in WhatsApp settings to ensure that your future messages are protected.

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