Learn about the safest alternatives to get videos from Twitter.

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Extracting videos from Twitter is a complex process, especially to find safe alternatives. That's why we bring you the best alternatives for you to download safely.

It is always a good idea to be cautious when downloading content from the internet and to ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions to do so.

These are 4 alternatives to safely download Twitter videos:


Video Downloader Bot

Tag @DownloaderBot in a comment on the tweet where the video is located.

When the video is ready, you will receive a downloadable link as a response.


TWSaver is a free converter and you can download all tweet videos and GIFs to mp4 files.

Just copy/paste the Twitter link on TwSaver.com to extract the video, choose the format and quality and that's it.


GetMyTweet stands out for the good quality of the videos and for being safe for its users.


Twittervideodownloader.com doesn't keep a history of downloaded videos. All videos are saved from Twitter's CDN directly.

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