Do what you are passionate about and monetize it with Twitch.

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The affiliate program is enabled for those who do live shows of at least 500 minutes in a month, with 3 simultaneous viewers, 50 followers and 7 unique broadcast days.

Upon meeting these requirements, Twitch will send you an invitation to join the affiliate program.

Follow these steps to enable Bits and earn income on your Twitch channels:


Enable Twitch Bits

  1. Upon receiving the invitation, you must access the Creator's Control Panel.
  2. Provide general information to register.
  3. Sign the affiliate agreement and accept the conditions.
  4. Provide Amazon with your tax information, fill out the service tax and copyright fee questionnaires (TIMS).
  5. Choose a payment method on the Tipalti form.

For every 100 Bits you can receive 1 USD, the affiliate program gives you access to Cheering settings.

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