Use stock images for your creative projects and presentations.

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Stock images are typically created by professional photographers, artists, or illustrators, and are intended to be used as a visual resource for designers, marketers, and other creative professionals.

Stock images can be royalty-free or rights-managed, and are usually licensed for specific uses, such as for commercial or editorial purposes.

There are several websites that offer free stock images:

Sites to get free stock images

1. Unsplash

A large collection of high-quality, royalty-free photos.


2. Pexels

Another website with a huge collection of free stock photos and videos.


3. Pixabay

Offers over 1.9 million free stock images, videos, and illustrations.



A collection of high-resolution stock images with new images added every week.


5. Freepik

A website with a large collection of free stock photos and graphics, along with premium content available for purchase.


6. Burst by Shopify

A collection of royalty-free stock photos for entrepreneurs, with a focus on e-commerce and startups.


Remember to always read the licensing information and terms of use before using any stock images, and make sure the license allows for your intended use.

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