2017 has arrived, and we have reviewed the best applications for photo editing.

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We will highlight only those with ease of use, tools and end result.

Microsoft selfie

Does Microsoft? Although has created Internet Explorer, it has also made this application that has many positive reviews and is on the list of the most downloaded. It was practically released this year 2016.

Microsoft selfie is not just another application of effects, but uses artificial intelligence to improve your photos. It's a different app that takes aspects such as age, gender, skin tone, brightness, among others.

Disadvantages: Only for iPhone or iPad users. Don't worry Android users, the following apps are for both platforms.

Site: App Store.


Application developed by Google. Transform your photos of "OK" to "Wow!". With basic tools such as filters, to very advanced, a pocket Photoshop.

Snapseed is now in version 2.0 and brings many user-friendly features: perspective (fill cleverly spaces), removing stains, gloss glamor, vintage, frames and more. We chose it for its tools varied and easy to use .

Site: Play Store y App Store


Created by Line (messaging application). This application is focused on selfies. It has won several awards, so it is on the recommended list.

B612 is an app of filters and galleries. Focusing on only these two features, it has become in the most downloaded application in the Play Store in terms of photography.

Best of all: it's free and without advertising. In addition it is not limited to photos, so you can make small videos and export them to GIF!.

Site: Play Store y App Store

Other options

Apps with honorable mentions:

These are some of the apps that we review and approve both iOS and Android.

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