Watch and download free movies, legally and without viruses is possible.

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First, we will mention that you can use these services in televisions, tablets and smartphones to access movies and series in an unlimited way.

You will have unlimited access to your favorite series and movies, all this in a legal way.

Check out this web sites to see, and why not, download free movies, legally and safely.


1. Crackle

Sony Pictures presents this innovative platform where you can find a wide variety of films. Includes content from Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems and others.


Crackle is legal, free and unlimited. It is available in the most popular devices on the market such as Roku, Android, Xbox, Apple TV, PS3, iPhone and many more. You can also watch free HD movies online.

2. iTunes

If you like Apple products, you will surely like to know that you can download free movies. This works under some conditions.


One way to download is to wait for festivities like Christmas. Apple usually has days when it gives free movies to all accounts. This method is only available in the iTunes of some countries.

Similar to this, you can also find seasons and episodes of series totally free. This is more common and are available in most countries.


Alternatively, you can download digital movies for free if you purchased the movie version on DVD, Blu-ray or similar. On the DigitalCopyPlus page you will get the iTunes code to download the digital version of your movie for free.

3. Netflix

Surely you've heard about Netflix, and you know it's a paid service. But you can watch free HD movies for a few months.


First thing you should know is that you get a free month automatically for being a new user. You can expect some promotions of the year that can give you 3 or more months for free. Other options include buying devices with promotions on Netflix.


Something that few know, is that after using the service 1 month, if you do not renew it in a while they will give you another month or even more free months to try the service. You can know about the best Netflix offers here .

4. Amazon

On Amazon you can find movies completely free, from Iron Man 3, to Free Willy. All you have to do is search on the Amazon page: "free movies". With this search you can view all available movies at zero cost.


Amazon: Prime Video. By signing up for Amazon Prime, free for a month, you can get many benefits from Amazon. One of them is to be able to see unlimited movies available in the catalog.

5. Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies is a Google service where you can find a wide variety of movies and series.


Like Amazon, you can also get free movies just by doing a search. On the site or application type Free or Free and you can see the free content in your country. With this you can download and also watch the movie online.


Google Play Movies is available from browser, apps and other devices such as Roku.

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