Books are a great help to develop personal growth.

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Self-help books will allow us to improve our lives with wisdom and create good habits. In addition to helping us overcome difficult situations and continue with our lives.

Among the 7 most popular motivation and self-improvement books we can mention:

1. The Man Who Planted Trees (Jean Giono)

6_0u272f9 It's a fantastic book that shows us how to work methodically can provide us all great benefits to achieve our goals and objectives.

2. Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)

7_nroLH9a The author presents the development of Emotional Intelligence as one of the factors to achieve success in our lives, both personally and professionally.

3. 7 habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey)

Stephen R. Covey presents penetrating insights and anecdotes with a message for solving personal and professional problems. 8_IwQxgNL This books reveals a step-by-step pathway for living with integrity and fairness. Covey give us the security to adapt our habits to improve ourselves.

4. Good Luck (Fernando Trias de Bes & Alex Rovira)


A metaphor that speaks of effort, perseverance and never give up. A great teaching of life for our day to day.

5. The Art of Happiness (Dalai Lama)


The Art of Happiness message is that happiness doesn't come to us without doing anything, because it is an art that demands will and practice.

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