Use Miro for remote teams collaboration and work on projects in real-time.

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With its intuitive interface and wide range of features, it's easy to get started and create great work.

Use this guide to get started and discover all that Miro has to offer.

1. Brainstorming:

Use Miro's virtual whiteboard and sticky notes to facilitate brainstorming sessions with your team. Invite team members to join the board and contribute their ideas in real-time.


2. Design sprints:

Create a shared workspace where your team can collaborate on user research, ideation, and prototyping.

3. Project management:

Create a Kanban board or Gantt chart to track tasks and progress. Use color-coded tags to categorize tasks by status or priority.


4. Mind mapping:

Create a central idea and add branches to explore related ideas. Use color-coded branches to organize your thoughts.

5. User story mapping:

Use Miro to create user story maps to understand the user's journey. Use sticky notes to map out the user's needs, pain points, and goals.


6. Agile retrospectives:

Create a shared board where team members can contribute feedback and ideas. Use Miro's voting system to prioritize action items.

7. Customer journey mapping:

Use sticky notes to identify touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities to improve the customer experience.


8. Wireframing:

Use Miro's design tools to create wireframes for your website or app. Use sticky notes to label each element and create an interactive prototype.

9. Remote collaboration:

Create a shared workspace where team members can collaborate in real-time, regardless of their location. Use Miro's video chat and screen sharing features to enhance communication.


10. Strategic planning:

Use templates to guide the discussion and create a visual roadmap for your organization.

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