Taylor Swift did not let anything for anyone, Justin Bieber busted out into tears and Kanye West said it all on stage.

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However, Miley Cyrus dominated the MTV WMA ceremony again.

This wild girl flashed one of her breasts, wore a revealing attire, contended with Nicki Minaj and culminated the event by singing about marijuana.

But that was not all, in the after show appeared wearing a marijuana cigar.


Not content with only that, she published photos of her where she is seen posing with a man on the moon trophy and also distributed avocados to reporters and photographers.


One of the most controversial acts of the 2015’s MTV VMA was when Cyrus flashed to the crowd one of her breasts. Faced with this, MTV said it would suppress that takeover of its future broadcasts.


To complement the evening, Minaj settled scores with Miley and after receiving the award for best Hip Hop video for her song Anaconda, insulted Cyrus.


At that point the cameras focused on Miley who responded by referring to an event that happened in past days. At that moment she regained her power by inviting the public to vote for the artist to follow and added that although she had lost that prize in 2008, she did not take it badly because she does not consider it relevant, for it is only a prize.


And to top it all off already, Miley Cyrus broke the news that the release of their album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz would be totally free.

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