23 tracks and it's free? What's the catch?

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Apparently, the only way that happened was that Miley did not tell her label she was making it until it was all done.

Well, that, and the executives listened to the album and decided there was no money to be made here.

Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, the new free album of Miley Cyrus should never have been. 22 year old Miley, multi-millionare, did this as a vanity project just because she could.


No matter how much you might hate suit-and-tie music label execs, they generally know what works, or they pay people who do know to tell them before they invest in something.

Had Miley's album had some adult (no, she herself doesn't count) supervision?.

The touch of Wayne Coyne, frontman of the Flaming Lips, is distinguishable on the tracks he has collaborated on.

Miley performed with them at the VMAs the track Dooo It!, the album version of which features the F-word 35 times.


Really, it reminds me of how my friends and I used to say it when there were no adults around - it made us feel cool.

The vulgarity and cussing don't add anything to the meaning, weight or texture of the tracks; it's just Miley feeling cool at being all grown up, rich and dooooing whatever the F she likes.

If only I could say that was the only such track. F#ck#n F#ck#d Up. No, that's the name of a track.

BB Talk has a nice ritm, but is overcrowded with Miley's unnecessary lyrics.

1 Sun features Grace Jones, God knows why, but it almost works. Tangerine, is another track could have been, had someone given it some direction, which rapper Big Sean, could not.

Space Boots, Fweaky, and Lighter - all of which were almost catchy but were sunk by the childish lyrics - might yet lay the foundation for some better stuff in Miley's future - all she has to do is go a bit easy on the bongs and allow herself to be led.

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