One of the most celebrated women of all time.

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Possessing the image of natural beauty and talent of a great movie star. Marilyn Monroe is widely recognized until today's time.

Here's the timeline of Marilyn Monroe movies from being a telephone operator to a square dance extra to being best actress superstar!


1947: The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, Dangerous Years.

1948: A couple of movies from 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures.

1949: Love Happy.

1950: The Asphalt Jungle, All About Eve, The Fireball, Right Cross.

1951: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's the Home Town Story, and 20th Century Fox movies such as Love Nest.

1952: Clash by Night, We're Not Married, Don't Bother to Knock, Monkey Business, O. Henry's Full House.

1953-1956: 20th Century Fox movies including Niagara and the Bus Stop.

1959: United Artists film comedy classic (see 3rd all-time favorite below).

1957: Warner Bros Studios present the sole film from Marilyn Monroe Productions.

1960: Let's Make Love.

1961: The Misfits.

1962: Something's Got to Give.



Marilyn Monroe Movies - All-Time Favorites

1. Niagara

This sexy thriller was her breakthrough film, where her role of being a dumb blonde that was almost typecast was given a unique twist.


Here, she's one smart woman whose potent sexuality rendered her capable of doing anything, even murder. She schemes with her lover and together they plot against her much older and violent husband.

Marilyn's beauty amidst the backdrop of Niagara Falls is truly a breathtaking sight!

2. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

It was in this movie that Marilyn played the role of Lorelei Lee, and where she was nominated for Best Actress in the Golden Globe Award within a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.


Her performance was quite iconic and her dumb blonde character was brought to perfection in this fun musical comedy.

3. Some Like It Hot

A comedy classic and considered as Monroe's biggest hit, where she won Best Actress in the same Golden Globe award she was nominated for in 1953.


The story goes about two men running from the mob after witnessing a massacre by accident, and tries to get away by cross-dressing and joining an all-girl jazz group where Marilyn is the lead singer of the band.

This movie is ranked #1 on the list of the funniest films of all time by the American Film Institute.

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