Her life was colorful and controversial. She was famous for playing dumb blonde characters.

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The renowned actress and sex symbol, lived between 1926 and 1962.

She died at the age of 36. Since the 1950s, several books have been written about her life.

We review some of the most popular books about the iconic american idol.

Marilyn first attempted to tell her own story in the 1960s the book My Story Marilyn Monroe. This book was not published until 1974.


She revisits her life as an orphan, teenage years, and entry into glamour. The revelation in this book is that Monroe was more complex than a sex symbol of the screens.


The book Fragments captures Monroe's poems, musings and letters as written by her. Again, this is evidence of the actor's creativity and intelligence.

Published in 2010, this unforgettable account of Marilyn may have come late for some of her fans, but is still an excellent revelation of the icon's humanity side.


Marilyn's influence in fashion is revisited in Marilyn in Fashion, a book written by George Zeno and Christopher Nickens.

Readers can discover and recall some of her remarkable looks that included Gucci bags, Ferragamo watches, and poodle skirts.

The death of Marilyn Monroe was mysterious and many people are still unsure what killed this goddess. In the book The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed, Richard Buskin and Jay Margolis seek to lay these speculations to rest.


Using eyewitnesses' testimonies, the book implicates Bobby Kennedy in the murder of Monroe.

It is common knowledge that Marilyn Monroe loved the camera, and this evidenced by the book Marilyn Monroe: A Life in Pictures.

It gives a pictorial chronology of the actor's life, starting with a short bibliography.


Actors and other public figures are always associated with secret lives and fake public images.

In Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, Anthony Summers talks about the truth he unearthed after interviewing more than 600 people who knew Monroe.

He even went to as far as accessing her files from psychiatrist.


There are numerous books that talk about the life, experiences, secrets, and a lot more about Books about Marilyn Monroe, the famous actress, sex symbol, singer, and poet.

Get a copy of your favorite one and enjoy.

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