Justin Bieber portrays every moment in a picture.

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From his break with Selena Gomez, and the release of Purpose his new album, a success in worldwide sales, this seems to be a good year for Justin Bieber.

But nothing was more exciting to have won his first Grammy and have started his third world tour with 22 years.

We have chosen carefully his best 10 moments of 2016.

1. The Purpose World Tour is the third worldwide tour by Justin Bieber.


The tour is set to begin on March 9. Due to an overwhelming demand, the tour will offer totalling 64 shows.

2. Justin Bieber poses with a statue in a new promo photo for Calvin Klein.


He appears in the spring 2016 #MyCalvins underwear campaign. On his new tour he will play his latest hits, all while wearing his Calvin Klein underwear.

3. Justin celebrates his birthday on March 1st.


He turned 22 and he celebrated the occasion by hanging out in an ice cave with his buddies. He have some fun in the frost, instead of crazy party.

4. Justin Bieber poses on Clash magazine cover.


The sexy singer posed in celebration of their 100th issue of Clash.

Bieber talked about all the crazy drama that his went down in his life. "I made mistakes," he tells the magazine, "Part of being a man is owning up to that".

5. Justin has always been close with his siblings.


The singer shares continuously pictures of them spending time together. "Love you more than anything Jaxon," he wrote.

6. Justin Bieber wins his first Grammy ever with his single "Where are u now" on the category Best Dance Recording.


He also brought his little brother Jaxon along for the awards show.

7. Justin and his new black Labrador Retriever puppy.


The new family member goes by the name of Phil, perhaps due to his love of philanthropy.

8. Justin showed his generosity to donate thousands of dollars to a depleted kids school.


He announced this on Ellen DeGeneres Show.

9. Justin Bieber stole the show at the Brit Awards 2016 performing Love Yourself & Sorry.


He also picked up the Best International Male Solo prize.

10. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have taken their vacation to Mexico.


Nevertheless, he was allegedly removed from an archeological site, because of his bad behavior in ancient ruins.

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