Download free music of any charge, legal and even virus free is possible.

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Nowadays we have all seen the need to download music to our mobile devices.

However, the difficult access and the risks of getting some virus or malware are a common issue and constant worry.

Below, we show you the top sites to download free music, legal and safe.


One of the largest free music deposits, with more than 500,000 non-copyrighted songs that you can download free music in mp3 format legally and safely. In addition, you'll discover new artists and latest releases ranked according to their popularity.

Site: Jamendo facebook-share-site-image

2.Audio Archive

On this page you will find free and non-copyrighted music that you can download totally free and legal in different audio formats and quality.

Audio Archive has free songs in MP3 and OGG format to download in a multitude of genres.

Site: Internet Archive


It has an immense variety of free songs that you can listen to while online. However not all the content is free, since the fact that, to be able to download free songs you have to pay. In addition, it has an official app for Android and iOS.

Site: Soundcloud


4.Free Music Archive

Another royalty-free music community, completely free, where you will find a great variety of free songs classified by genres and popularity.

Site: Free Music Archive

It is known as a musical social network, in which you will find an extensive amount of free songs that you can download and share with other users.



In addition to these sites, there are music pages that offer premiere content for free for a limited time. A great example of this, is the Spinnin Records official website, where you can access this benefit by registering an account.

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