Enjoy the most popular features on WhatsApp.

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Those are some settings that were added to improve privacy, communication and chat experiencie.

Stickers are the recent and most popular way to express thoughts in a chat. Since WhatsApp launched this updated we got access to stickers packs and differents stickers makers availables in appplication stores.

Now you have the choice of joining or avoiding a group, with this feature you can decide which groups you can be added and take control for who can add you.

Reduce eye fatigue and focus your attention in the screen with dark mode. Enable this modes in system settings > Chats > Theme > select ‘Dark’.

WhatsApp team has been working to improve privacy setting, for this reason Face ID and Touch ID were integrated on iPhone to avoid that someone else read your messages.

Enable this feature in Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock and turn on Touch ID or Face ID.

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