Practicing Yoga requires body movement and in addition special clothes to do so.

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You will need comfortable clothes, that allows you move freely during exercise routine.

For each type of yoga a certain clothing is needed.

Here we will show you the type of clothes that you will use according your goals.

1. A suitable shirt

To practice yoga you will need a shirt that suits your movements and fits your body.

It is advisable to test some movements while you use it, to avoid problems in the future.

Another option is using a sports bra to keep you cool, as well as a tank top, if you exert higher movement in arms, or even a light sweatshirt over your tank top.

2. Choose a suitable pants


You will need a good yoga pants that fit properly to your body, but not too tight. Some yoga moves are complicated and you could suffer an accident.

If you do not like pants, you can opt to use shorts that are comfortable and fresh. Remember choose a dark color, because you could sweat a lot.

3. Appropriate accessories

If you have hair short you could need headbands, and if your have long hair you could use tapes.

A pair of yoga gloves are essential for movements where you use your hands for support.


If you like to practice yoga barefoot, nothing better than a good comfortable socks. If you want to exercising at home a yoga mat is essential.

Finally, a towel is necessary for sweaty moments.

4. Footwear for training

Yoga is usually practiced barefoot for comfort, but if you want you can use a pair of shoes or sandals that are made especially for yoga exercise.

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