Getting your family, friend or partner shocked with a surprise birthday can be well worth it.

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This, however, does not come on easily because it requires a lot of time, effort and energy to make it successful.

You must be an excellent and secretive organizer if you wish to succeed in such an endeavor.

Here are some of the tips on how to make a surprise birthday party for a familiar, friend or your partner.


First, it is prudent to make an early plan for the surprise party to make it a success. You must enlist all the necessary requirements and purchase them early.

Also, learn the best way to delegate other parts of the plan else you will get exhausted and would not be in the good mood to enjoy the party.


Secondly, let the people you are inviting know that the party is a surprise and who recipient of the birthday party is.

To do this, you can choose a wording for the invitations. For example, you can use, "hey, a surprise party for (name)" in front of the invitation mail, letter or short message to capture the attention and pass the surprise party message to the invitee.

Also, let the people you are inviting know the ways to RSVP by either an email, message or giving a call.


You could also try to do the house decor out of the ordinary if you are planning to do the surprise birthday at home. During the day, ensure that people drive discretely, park well and secretively to avoid alerting the birthday recipient.

Also, keep all the birthday party inventory hidden days before the birthday party. Alternatively, if it is unusual for you to go out, hold a restaurant party and blow out the surprise there. Perhaps you could just tell your family or friend that you were taking them out for an ordinary dinner.

Finally, think outside the box. Plan for the possible emergencies and also anticipate possible uncertainties and problems. Try to conceptualize how things will flow to get an idea of how the surprise party will be.


Surprise parties, nevertheless, require more time, effort, and energy, but doing it perfectly can be so fascinating; the result will be a complete and utter surprise!

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