The feud between Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez will never come to an end.

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The two gifted singers have been at war for the longest time now, and it is said that they hate the very mention of each other's name.

It is unclear how the rivalry started given the fact that the two were friends in the past.

Rather than mend their differences, this pair seems to be growing further apart from each other. In a new twist, reports have emerged that Miley Cyrus was pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby at some point in the recent past.

This piece of news has without a doubt been received badly by Selena, who was a long-time girlfriend of Bieber's, with whom she has had an on and off relationship since sometime before his legal troubles begun.

With so much hate in the air when it comes to Miley and Selena, this news has to be devastating speaking in long term. She is reportedly mad at Bieber for this alleged tryst with her sworn enemy, which is said to have taken place when the couple was on one of their breaks.

The two young women were slow to respond to these allegations, but Miley eventually took to Instagram, posting a sarcastic image to show just how she felt about the whole saga.

These allegations have even more weight when you consider the fact that there is a story concerning that Selena was aborting a Bieber's child way back in 2012. Of course, no one has ever come forth to refute these claims, and neither has anyone ever made an admission to that effect.

A lot of people agree that she still has a soft spot for the Canadian sensation Bieber, and, as evidence, she tried to save him from an altercation in a concert by Drake.

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