Kim Kardashian plans to go braless for as long as she can, even in public.

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Kim Kardashian is expecting a baby. During pregnancy there are hormonal changes.

These hormonal changes may cause increased blood flow and changes in the breast tissue, which may make breast feel swollen, sore, tingly and sensitive to touch.

An insider tells that Kim plans to take advantage of her added bonus while she is pregnant.

There is no way she is minimizing the size of her breasts. She wants them to be free even if her boobs start to hurt later. She want to feel sexy and voluptuous.

While she was in Europe, the TV star commented about how much weight she gained in that particular area. She told Today: I've gained like 15 pounds already, It’s in my boobs right now. My boobs are huge!

We can't wait to continue checking out Kim’s amazing maternity looks.

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