Kim and Kanye are a unique couple in the entertainment world.

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They are always making news and we love it.

This famous family has recently announced their second son's name: Saint. What? Yes, you've heard it right. However, if you think this name pattern is uncommon in this couple you are dead wrong.

Guess what the name their daughter has. I am going to give you the answer to this secret right now: North. Yes, you've heard it right again.

Are they crazy or what? No, they just want to make the world the understand how unconventional they are.

After Kim announced her new child's name, her fans started to post memes related to the famous family all over the Web. In deed, those pictures were very interesting.


For instance, one of them said that Kim must have smoked marijuana when she was thinking of the newborn's name.

Another meme took a famous image of Joseph and Mary near the baby Jesus's meager replacing their heads with Kim and Kenya's heads. The newborn weighs eight pounds and one ounce.

Saint isn't a very popular name for a child in America ranking as around 5000.

Kanye is also very original when it comes to produce new names. For example, the rapper call himself Yeezus.

In fact, this man takes religion seriously as he has just released a song called I Am God.


So it is not surprise that Mr. West has named her new son Saint.

This is natural for him, isn't it? Kim was so happy with the baby's name that she posted a message on her website dedicated to the couple's fans.


Though Kim had some trouble trying to find a name for her new baby, as she posted on her subscription-based site, she has a unique taste when it comes to this task.

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