Miley Cyrus has had a very controversial career since her days on Hanna Montana.

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She has been in the lime light on many occasions for some not so good things she has done and some not so appropriate behavior she has displayed.

She has done some real raunchy shoots and some for the cover of some magazines.

The young star however has done appearances and magazine covers that are not raunchy and many people would say this Miley is out of character.


Miley was dismissed by Vogue magazine some years ago for a raunchy and very sexual performance she had.

The magazine now wants the star to do the cover shoot for them but she is not so willing to participate because of her and the magazine’s past and the fact that her schedule won’t allow it.

Miley Cyrus has also been on the cover of Notion Magazine. This cover shoot was a bit raunchier that what she did for Vogue but compared to other shoots she has done, this one is subtle.

The interview that she did with Notion saw her talking about being Miley Cyrus as a person and not just the pop star.

She also explains that there are a lot of misconceptions about who she really is and the life that she have lived.

This cover was one of her most subtle one as a lot of her magazine cover as shown her in less and less clothes as time passes.

This is a young star that has been through a lot and has persevered through adversaries and done amazing things and as time goes by, she is sure to create and do a lot more amazing things.

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