Explore the main functions to make a post on BeReal.

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Although a BeReal post cannot be edited, you can do some configuration before publishing them. In this guide we tell you how to create a post.

Upload photos or videos, and choose who can access your moments:


How to Post on BeReal

  1. BeReal will send you a notification at any time of the day. Upon receiving this notification, you will have 2 minutes to upload content.
  2. The front and rear cameras will be activated to capture what you are doing at the moment. Make the capture, keep in mind that you cannot edit.
  3. The next step is to configure your post, you can add a description, enable your location and choose who can see your content.

Choose who sees your post

Before publishing, choose who will be able to see your content. You can choose whether only your friends can see what you post or whether it appears in the Discovery section.

Set your location

BeReal can access the location where you took the photo, you can disable this option and keep it private or you can enable it so that all your friends can see it.

Interact with RealMojis

React to the posts of others with emojis, the novelty of BeReal is that you can customize the emojis with a photo of yourself making gestures. You can edit them as many times as you want.

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