Select the best ecard for every birthday or special date.

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Your friends and family will be happy to receive ecards. Online birthday eCards are easy to send and also free.

Ecards are a good option to avoid traditional paper-based cards. There are countless ecard options to choose from.

We've selected the best sites online to find free ecards that you can personalize and send.

Just Wink

Just Wink has a large selection of free ecards for every occasion including birthdays.

Find your animated or static ecard and send it via e-mail or Facebook completely free. There is an option to print the card and send it if you live in the United States.



There are a wide variety of categories to choose from. Find birthday eCards with special messages.

CrossCards' cards are all static images, not animated. CrossCards allows you to schedule your message and deliver it in the future.



Choose free eCards from JibJab and customize with your own message.

You can send ecards via email or iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and more. Put your face in funny GIFs, popular music videos, and dancing ecards for Birthdays or special events.


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