It is always a good time to start reading.

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Enjoy reading a book in any device, desktop or eReader.

Thanks to the massification of virtual libraries, finding desired books is becoming easier, since academic books to the best sagas of all time.

We have selected the best sites where you can read and download thousands of books online.


1. ManyBooks

ManyBooks has a variety of free books. You can find hundreds of books in different interesting genres completely free.

There is thousands of books available. Don't lose the opportunity to fill up your e-reader.


2. The Internet Archive

A non-profit website, where you will find over 8 million ebooks for free.

You can visualize all the books and or get different formats for your device, it's completely free of charges.

Link:The Internet Archive


3. Project Gutenberg

This is one of the best sites to download free books. With over 30,000 downloadable books available in various formats.

Search by author name, language, subject or title. Project Gutenberg has books in English and other languages available.

Link:Project Gutenberg


4. Open Library

This is a catalog which goal is to create a friendly website with every book published. If the book that you are searching for is available, you will see the "Read" button and also the headphones icon to get the audiobook.

Link:Open Library

5. Hundred Zeros

It's an excellent web site that compile all books that are classified as free from Amazon to Kindle.

You just have to register in Amazon and you can download ebooks completely free and legal.


Link:Hundred Zeros

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