We all dream of winning the jackpot in the best lotteries of the world.

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And there are people who made it, but unfortunately did not know how to invest their fortunes, others had bad luck and some returned to their normal lives they had before winning and others ended up in jail or debt.

And in this article we will discuss the 10 people with bad luck, winners of big pots of money on the best lotteries in the world, and in less than a decade, they lost everything:

1. Rhoda & Alex Toth (13 million dollars)

A married couple who won $ 13 million in 1990, which changed their lives financially, but unfortunately in the course of 15 years lost his entire fortune and became bankrupt and were then accused of tax evasion.

2. Michael Carroll (15 million dollars)

In 2002 at the age of 19 years working as a garbage collector, until that same year he won 10 million pounds (15 million dollars) in the British National Lottery and in less than seven years the spending on drugs, parties and other luxuries, after that, he returned to his old job.

3. William Post ($ 16.2 million)

In 1988 William Post won the Pennsylvania Lottery $ 16.2 million but his luck did not last long, as his own brother hired a murderer to kill him and one of his ex-girlfriends sued him, won the case and was left with a part of his fortune in less than a year left with debts and ended in bankruptcy.

4. Janite Lee (18 million dollars)

In 1993 janite Lee won 18 million dollars, which he spent on charities and some bets, which left bankruptcy in 2001.

5. Arnim Ramdass (19 million dollars)

Arnim Ramdass, married to Donna Campbell that was Miss Trinidad and Tobago in 1979, won with 16 coworkers 19 million dollars, which is divided between them, after he decided to hide the secret to his wife, and forbade watching TV or other media until he discovered his lie in an Internet cafe, and when he wanted to ask divorce, Arnim had disappeared along with the fortune.

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