Formerly win the lottery was virtually impossible, because there were not many, and the number of people who acquired tickets was stunning.

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Today that has changed and there are now tens of lottery where you can win prizes most likely, but if you're an experienced player can observe also the most famous of all lotteries in the USA:

1. Powerball

One of the best lotteries in the US and the world, counting on each draw with the biggest jackpots in the world, exceeding 100 million dollars.

The probability of winning any prize in this lottery are 1 in 24.87 and the jackpot is 1 in 292,201,338.

2. Florida Lotto

Lottery had its beginnings in 1988, with $ 1 bills that were called Millionaire. In recent years, their largest jackpots in excess of $ 20 million.

It should be noted that since its inception in 1988 until today, the Florida Lottery has donated more than 21 billion dollars for good causes, most directed to education.

3. Illinois Lotto

Starting from 1974, the Illinois Lottery raffled wells ranging from 1 million dollars, years later until the day of today their wells exceed $ 10 million.

4. Texas Lotto

Texas Lottery had a great start in 1992 and a world record sales of lottery tickets in a day that got to 23.2 million dollars.

Texas Lottery currently has different types of lottery for everyone, some achieve higher wells at 15 million.

5. Mega Millions

Counting with 35 state lotteries joined Mega Millions, it is considered as the monster multi-state lotteries, dodging jackpots ranging from $ 15 million dollars to more. Having delivered seven jackpots since its beginning, valued at $ 300 million dollars.

6. Indiana Lotto

Lotto has 4 games daily, taking Indiana Powerball as the most popular which has wells ranging from 40 million to 250 million dollars.

You can learn more about these lotteries and many more in the following link, and you can play some of these online lotteries:

Lottery USA: Link here

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