At the time of writing a resume is common to make mistakes that take points from your CV.

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Paying attention to details in the content of your resume is very beneficial because it makes the writing is striking and understandable enough for the employer.

That's why we've compiled tips for you to have an error-free resume. Keep reading and discover what to avoid in your resume.

Don't put "Resume" in the header.


Is highly recommendly that you head your resume with your name, give it a slightly larger body and then add your personal information.

No Money


This is a topic that is not relevant to your resume. Don't talk about money, salaries or economic objectives. The opportune moment will come.

No politics, No Religion

You don't know how this type of information can influence the employer, so the ideal is not to talk about it.

Simple vocabulary


Try to write your resume with simple words, without much technicality or elaborate words. Don't fall into colloquial language either.

Only what is necessary

Academic record is not entirely necessary, you can put your last grade reached. The same applies to references, do not place them unless the company requests them.


Also write about the most relevant diplomas, courses or seminars. Remember that the resume space is limited.

Be honest


Highlight your qualities and abilities without falling into exaggerations. Don't lie on your resume.

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