For those people who want to enjoy a great story, while doing their activities.

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We present the 5 best audiobook applications for your iOS device both iPhone and iPad.

Find classics, romances, thrilling mysteries and more. Enjoy unlimited access to thousands of free audiobooks.

These free apps has millions of free audiobooks waiting for you.

1. Free Audiobooks HQ

With over 11, 000 free audiobooks, you can find from bestsellers, to timeless classics, to up and coming indie authors.


Free Audiobooks HQ has its own player in the application, so you can: play, overtake and repeat your favorite parts.

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2. Audible audio books & podcasts

Audible has more than 180 thousand titles that range from the most popular books to the most classic.


It has different tools such as transfer of books to the device via Wi-Fi, listening in the background, listen in the background, control the speed of narration and more.

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3. LibriVox Audio Books

Librivox provides audiobooks that can be freely listened, it features classic best sellers and out of print treasures from every genre of literature including novels, history, biography, short stories, poetry and more in both fiction and non-fiction.


Hundreds of volunteers record, edit and distribute books that you can enjoy in more than 30 languages.

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4. Audioteka - Audiobooks

A free app in which you can buy and download audiobooks on your device. Audiobooks here can be found in different languages.


You can also find a catalog of audiobooks and ask some chapters of selected books for free.

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5. Free Audiobooks

Enjoy unlimited access to free audiobooks, anywhere. Search by author, title or narrator among a wide variety of audiobooks.


Free Audiobooks allows you to download books directly to your device for offline listening, or stream to save space.

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