There are certain unique advantages offered by paid music app, such as the quality of songs and exclusive albums.

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We present the best options to pay to listen and download music.

1. CarTunes

It costs $ 4.99 and works exclusively with the "touch" function of your iPhone and iPod Touch.

More than one million people have purchased it and it is considered the best player for iOS.

Among its many options it emphasizes the control by means of gestures, HD graphics, and artworks to displaying at the bottom of your screen.

Link: CarTunes

2. LiveTunes

Right now at the price of $ 0.99, Created by Rockstar App Solutions, this application uses HD technology to simulate acoustic spaces, as if you were at a concert with thousands of excited viewers.

LiveTunes is the application that gives extra energy to those songs that make you so much alive.

Link: LiveTunes

3. LeechTunes

Its price is $ 3.99. An application very easy to use and you can enjoy it at any time.

It has a built in plugin, set to a voice notification where Siri communicates the artist and the song you want to listen to.

Link: LeechTunes

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